"Today is my tomorrow.  It's up to ME, to shape it, to take control and seize every opportunity.  The power is in the choice I make each day.  I eat well. I live well. I shape ME..."

Natalie Maniscalco ,   Founder of Wellness Warrior

Natalie Maniscalco, Founder of Wellness Warrior

As a life-long athlete, Natalie has fostered a true passion for health and fitness.  While running two businesses as a publicist/owner of Retro Media NYC and founder of Wellness Warrior, she is committed to creating a life of balance through hard work and dedication to her career, her health and to helping others.  As an entrepreneur and #bosslady, she truly believes in the importance of self-care.  Through Wellness Warrior, she encourages both woman to establish a wellness program and commit to taking the time out of her daily hectic lives to exercise daily and eat healthily.  

At 19 years old, Natalie enrolled in Officer Candidate School of the United States Marine Corps and completed 8-weeks of officer boot camp, where she was both mentally and physically challenged beyond any other life challenge.  Although, she did not take commission as an officer after graduating from Fordham University in New York City, Natalie has always used her G.I. Jane experience to help her get through the tough times in her life.  She truly believes that there is a warrior within every women and to really make a difference in the way you love and appreciate your body, mind, and soul, one must channel the characteristics of a warrior to create a healthy, happy, and balanced life. 

Rachel DeVinney, Head Coach & Distributer of Advocare

Rachel DeVinney, Head Coach & Distributer of Advocare

Rachel DeVinney has been an athlete her entire life.  From running with the boys in grade school, playing collegiate level soccer, earning her Natural Bodybuilding NGA Pro Card, completing a Tough Mudder in 2016 to most recently becoming certified to teach a Hip Hop cardio dance class – Rachel has a passion for discovering new forms of movement/athletics to physically challenge herself. 

As someone who struggled with “yo-yo” dieting and unhealthy eating habits for as long as she can remember, in 2016 while prepping for her bodybuilding competition, Rachel was exposed to the power of nutrition and supplementation.  She always knew the power of exercise on a body but understanding that what you put into your body for fuel is equally (if not more) important than how you’re moving your body.

It was as if she has finally been let in on the “secret” she was searching for her entire life.  Exercise + Nutrition + Proper Supplementation = Results

One of the greatest gifts in life is to take on a challenge, own it, then use it to guide others.  So, Rachel ditched her 8-year career in the financial industry in pursuit of building a business paying forward to others what she has learned in her own journey.

As one of your coaches, Rachel helps direct focus on falling in love with the process of change.  The good days.  The bad days.  Everything in between.  If you can master appreciation for the process, everything becomes meaningful and a whole new level of self-belief is born.

Rachel is excited to continue to learn, grow and develop herself alongside everyone she works with.

Our purpose has to be stronger than our strongest excuse – let’s get to work!

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