8 Healthy Habits Healthy People Do Every Day

When it comes to living an overall healthy lifestyle, it's not about chugging down the latest juice trend, killing yourself at the gym for 2 hours or meditating to ocean waves in the warm weather breeze.   Living a healthy life is different for everyone and should be based on what works well for you and your lifestyle.  Really think about what makes YOU feel good and try incorporating healthy habits into your life to see if those habits can 1.  stick, 2.  replace a bad habit, and 3. actually make you feel better!

Regardless of your fitness and health goals, try incorporating some of these 8 healthy habits into your life:

1. Drink water like you f**** mean it.

A full water bottle should basically be attached to your body or in your bag at all times!  Staying hydrated keeps your body healthy all the way down to your cellular level and also helps keep you from overeating.  Sometimes, when you drink before you eat something, you might find that you were actually thirsty rather than hungry.  So drink up!

2. Mindful Eating.

This is sometimes easier said than done since we have so many distractions in our lives all the time.  As busy women, the term "mindful" eating is something we all need to do so that we are not distracted by friends talking, cell phones, computers, or any outside noises.  Try to really enjoy what you're eating whether it be a snack, smoothie or meal.  Be in the moment.

3. Take advantage of being outdoors when you can.

You know that expression, "Stop and smell the roses...", well....at least take a walk outside when the weather is nice.  Getting fresh air is so important for your mental health.  It helps to re-energize, bring on a positive mood and just get you moving, especially if you're cooped up in an office all day.

4. Keep it moving.

Getting in a workout before you start your work day is always great, but if you can't schedule it in during a time that works best for you.  Exercise helps to keep you focused, lose weight, tone and make you feel better overall.  If you miss a workout, at least try to walk as much as you can throughout the day, take breaks to get you out of the office chair and do some stretching.

5. Eat your greens.

We've all heard this a million times, but seriously, eat vegetables!  The benefits of eating vegetables are tremendous.  They are filling, low calorie and when prepared well, taste delicious! Throw some in your morning blender with some protein powder or steam, saute and add a few spices to give some extra flavor.

6. Treat yo'self with dark chocolate.

Ummmm, yeahhhhh.  Who doesn't love chocolate?!  Whether you snag a piece in the morning with your coffee or for an after dinner treat, nutritionists are on board with the dark chocolate. Just remember, portion control!  

7. Snoozing and naps.

Get your sleep on!  Not sleeping enough can seriously mess with your power to say no to the donut and completely throw off your hormones, which as you may know, affects your weight. Getting enough sleep on a daily basis is so important to your overall health and your efforts to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

8. I am grateful for....

You don't have to dive into deep meditation to do this (although some people swear by the benefits of meditation), but simply take a moment each day to reflect on what you're thankful for in your life.  Think about all the positive things or people you have in your life and focus on what makes you happy.  Being grateful will keep you grounded and help you to get through the downs of daily routines.