'I Lost 50 Pounds, Even Though I Hate The Gym'


"It was just not my scene."

By Alanna Maniscalco as told to Danielle Page

Jun 15, 2018


I've always been on the heavier side—but it wasn't until college that I realized I was an emotional eater

I'd eat when I was stressed out, if I had a bad day, or if I was upset. My core meals weren't necessarily unhealthy—but the amount of emotional snacking I did each day really did me in. Sweets were my weakness: Throughout the day, I'd have cookies, cereal, or chips—as often as I wanted, and as much as I wanted.

During that time, I tried all the diets—Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, various cleanses—but I'd always end up gaining any weight I lost back. 

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