Part 1: The Phoenix Child Vs. The Inner Child

Photo by Kellie Walsh

Photo by Kellie Walsh

The Ego gets a bad rap. We always like to blame our behaviors, our untethered emotions, our circumstances on the ego, lack of ego, too much ego, or even uncontrolled ego. However, the ego is really here to be the protector of our innocence. It has served us through the years to navigate us through this world. It is the untethered ego that can cause chaos and uncertainty in our lives and our paths. But when our ego is tethered to our higher self, we realize our ego can become a Phoenix Child rather than an Inner child. Raising up from the ashes of our old wounds and narratives.

As part of your meditation practice or any walking mindfulness, allow a space for the innocence of your youth, to integrate to the wisdom of your maturity. The wisdom of the higher self, the observer of your life. That soft voice in your head that whispers to us of the grander vision of your path. Breath deep into this space.

This is how we tether and integrate to the higher self. For the ego can cry out its wants and fears, when not grounded in self love. Having us live not from the precious moment of now where all miracles are manifested, but stuck in the past that is consumed by regret or projected into an unknown future that is governed by fear.

Our action and thoughts now arise not from Love but from these fears and these desires. We become caught in a groove of unresolved emotions and as mice on a wheel we endlessly repeat behaviors that no longer serve us.

When we connect to our hearts through meditation and breathing we can actually sense the space around our physical heart expanded in all directions with each inhale and exhale. Tethered to our Higher Self, through this Heart Chakra portal.

Rejoicing in the innocence of our Phoenix child, now reborn. We can experience the playfulness and joy, we once felt. We rediscover the freedom of manifesting our destiny from a place of love and compassion. From this place, we soar, removed from the chains of fear, hate, judgement and isolation. We begin to see again with the eyes of a child, with wonder. No longer feeling separate.

We now can see others too, as the innocent children they once were. For our eyes and hearts are open to the Divinity in each of us. From this place, love can blossom, as we shift into a heart of center consciousness.

Today, I will be mindful of my actions and embrace the precious innocent child within my heart.
I will allow him or her to be playful, to be trusting, and joyful as the day unfolds. I will open my divine sight and begin to see the innocent child in others. As I open my eyes and my heart, I follow the path of compassion, led by my Phoenix Child. Becoming a Warrior of Light.



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