healthy habits

7 Tips To Set You Up For Success


✓ Create a motivating space to workout

If you don’t opt for our personal training sessions in Nyack and don’t want to join a gym, our warrior workouts are designed for at home gyms! Clear some space in your favorite corner and make a little sanctuary of your own.  Add candles, inspirational quotes, and anything that will motivate you to get moving.

✓ Dress to Impress

When you look good, you feel good!  And that goes for your workout clothes too. Buy some new tanks (or shop our warrior wellness ones!) and leggings that will make you feel awesome about yourself!  That extra boost of confidence will make you work harder.  Every time you reach a goal, don’t reward yourself with food, but with fun new workout apparel to add to your collection. 

✓ Write it down

Studies show that writing down your goals, feelings, daily workouts and food you eat during your new wellness journey can double your success rate! Not only will we be keeping you accountable each day and providing weekly tasks to incorporate into your lives, but having a journal to reflect on how you feel mentally and physically throughout this journey is key.

✓ Music gets you moving

Music makes the world go round and will definitely get you more motivated to workout.  Create a playlist or pop on your favorite Pandora artist to keep you going.  I’m all about Shakira on the Latin Pop station….because damn girl….your hips don’t lie!

✓ Schedule in your workouts

Getting up early to workout is a great way to boost your metabolism right from the beginning of your day, but if you’re not an early riser, schedule in your workouts during the day as if they were important business meetings.  This will create the habit of working out either daily or at least 2 to 3 times per week if you’re just starting out.  Make sure you always take the time out of your day to exercise!  It will boost your mood and send you all the good endorphins to make you happy.

✓ Drink H2O, Always

One of the best things you can do to stay focused and energize is to hydrate! Carry around a water bottle with you wherever you go and make sure you drink half your body weight in ounces of water.  It will also fill you up and curve your appetite between meals and snacks.  

✓ Clean out your kitchen

Get rid of old, expired things, and make room for healthy, fresh ingredients!  Schedule in your shopping days so that you can fill your kitchen up with whole, unprocessed foods.  Remember to read labels of everything you buy, but stick to choosing lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit and healthy carbohydrates and fats