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Part 2: How to Integrate the Ego

Photo by Kellie Walsh

Photo by Kellie Walsh

First realize that the Ego was created by the mind as a protective mechanism.

It is and always will be part of the mind, body, spirit connection.

We can not be human without an ego, but we can weave the ego into our higher selves, through the heart meditation.

When you find yourself in the middle of emotions or actions, that no longer serve you such as:

Sadness Pride Judgement Worry Anxiety

Bring your awareness to the center of the middle of your upper abdomen, and BREATH.

This is your 3rd Chakra, move your consciousness there, as you begin to observe your thoughts and feelings. The 3rd chakra is about will and action moving through this physical world. Sense all around this area of your body with each breath.

Take long deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Stay here as long as you need, until you feel a shift in emotions.

Then begin to have a dialogue with your inner child. Asking him or her what are they feeling? Where is it coming from and or why are they acting in this particular way? Let it know that you hear them, honor them and now it is your turn as the Adult and connected to the higher self to protect them.

You are part of the whole now, you can begin to see your BIG self merging with this Small self within this Chakra.

Continue to Breath into this center, until the emotions are fully gone. Either eyes open or closed.

Then take your awareness embracing your inner child up into your Heart Center. It is from the heart that the Ego must now reside. For from the space of our hearts, we can develop understanding, compassion and non judgement. Place your Ego/inner child deep within the chamber of your heart.

Use this whenever you feel your words, actions are not coming from your heart. Go back into the 3rd Chakra and bring up your ego once again. Becoming the observer, and always using the breath you can become a Phoenix child raising up from any old narrative from the past that no longer serve you

Much Love,


"On Monday, I'll Start," said Mom.

It’s Mother’s Day!

This is for you, Moms.  In fact, whether you are a mom or not, this is for all the women out there who feel trapped in a cycle of, “On Monday, I am going to eat healthy, lose weight and really take care of myself.”

Sound familiar?

It’s time to get un-stuck, and we are here to help.

We know that it is hard to find time to focus on you.  And when you finally do take some time for yourself, you probably have a vague sense of guilt that there are other things more worthy of whatever effort or sacrifice you are making to work on you.

That’s part of being a mom.  You put others first.


But consider this.  Neglecting yourself is not good for you or those people who depend on you, especially the little ones. The only way you can keep attending to your many responsibilities and joys is if your health is optimum.

Once your health starts declining, you will have no choice but to focus on yourself. 

Wouldn’t you rather do it now and know what it feels like to be fit and full of energy and still be there for those people who depend on you?

It’s hard to start

Yes, starting is hard.  In fact, it is probably the hardest part. 

It may be hard because you’ve ‘started’ before and failed.  That doesn’t matter anymore.  You are not doing it alone this time.  We are here to walk with you every step of the way.  We’re looking forward, not backward.

It may be hard because you have no idea where you will find the time to exercise.  We’ll help you with that too.  That’s what we do.

It may be hard because changing life-long patterns of eating seems completely undesirable right now.  We’ve been there.  And believe me; if some of us can do it, you can too.  The amazing thing is that once you get a taste of the energy and vitality that eating well brings, you won’t look back.

Waiting is dangerous

Listen.  The longer you wait to take your health seriously, the more damage you are doing to your body. 

There is only one way to slow down, stop and reverse many of the effects of aging (whether you are 20 or 70 years old):  sensible eating and consistent exercise.  (Well, that’s two, but they have to happen together)

·       Do you want to avoid the ravages of heart disease (the number one killer of women)?

·       Would you like to never experience the pain of a fractured, osteoporotic bone?

·       Do lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your knees and reducing aches and pains sound attractive to you?

·       Would you like to run a marathon (even if you’re 60!)?

It’s Yours

You’ve dreamed about it long enough. 

Make this Mother’s Day the beginning of a new chapter in your life.  Thousands of women just like you are doing it.  And we want to help you do it. 

Be strong, vibrant, fit and full of energy. 

It’s time to start.