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Sign up today for the Warrior One/80 and receive a welcome gift and 20% discount.  We start new groups every first and third Monday of every month, so it's never too late or early to be a warrior!

Cost of Program:

  • Phase 1 $159.82
  • Phase 2 $182.22
  • Phase 3 $170.83

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Step 1:  Sign up as a preferred customer for an annual fee of $19.95

Step 2: Click on 'Shop Our Products' 

Step 3: Click on Advocare One/80 & choose to commit or customize your order

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Consider making a full payment of Warrior One/80 program for $655.34, plus tax

*You will be billed in 3 separate invoices as the orders are shipped each month

*Depending on which option you choose, you may receive free shipping

*At anytime during the 80 day program, you can cancel any further orders

*Once you reach $500 or more in products, you will receive 25% discount on additional orders

*You may also decide to order additional products outside the One/80 program

Step 5: Schedule in a FREE consultation with one of our coaches at  You will receive additional information, your digital workouts, workbook and access to our private Facebook and GROUP ME support groups.

Congratulations!  This is the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.  YOU are worth it!  "YES! I Want To Be a Wellness Warrior!"