Rivertowns Personal Training & BattleFit: The Kick-in-the-Ass You Need to Get into Shape

When it comes to working out, wouldn’t it just be easier to be told exactly what to do? You wouldn’t have to think about which cardio is best or how much you should lift, at what pace and at what angle. Sounds amazing, right? Well, if you’ve got some extra motivation this summer and the burning desire to get into serious shape, spend some extra cash at Rivertowns Personal Training studios, located at 174 Main Street in Nyack, NY….trust me, it’s well worth! If you’re also adventurous and want to try boxing, Ben, one of the trainers also provides BattleFit boxing classes.


While you can sign up for one-on-one sessions, studio workouts are designed for small group training with a mixture of both body and weight training exercises. You get the customization and attention of a personal trainer, for a fraction of the price! Each workout session is 30 minutes long and you’ll never do the same routine! Whether you train with Ben or George, both amazing, you’ll get a customized workout aimed at getting the results that you want. Plus, you’ll meet and train with some really great men and women who are all cheering you on! It’s accountability to the max and we all know keeping ourselves accountable can be just as hard as lifting a 50 lb weight!

Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to train with both George and Ben, the main trainers of the Nyack facility. (Their sister studio is run by Gabe in Dobbs Ferry.). Both trainers offer a plethora of knowledge and motivation to keep it fun (Ben’s got jokes!), engaging, and challenging (George keeps it real!). There is a mixture of both men and women who attend the sessions, mostly women, who have gotten amazing results, and are far from shy of showing it off (Kudos to them!). Most train 2-3 times per week, and have a re-occurring monthly membership. They also offer nutritional plans to help get you on track with eating healthy and staying accountable in order to reach your goals.

So, if you’re looking for that extra dose of kick-in-the-ass, reach out to: Rivertowns Personal Training studios & be sure to snag their SUMMER BOOTCAMP special!

Here’s the deal: $175 for the entire summer! Sessions run Monday - Thursday at 7pm until September 1st.

(Normally, it’s $175 PER MONTH)


SoulFLYTE: See the World Upside Down


If you’ve ever been to Nyack in Rockland County, you can’t miss the plethora of yoga studios. In fact, this sweet hippy town, is deemed the birthplace of Yoga in the United States, and there’s one chic boutique yoga fitness studio that is sure to catch your eye!

That is…SoulFLYTE.

Located at 13 South Broadway, this cool, somewhat new studio is the hotspot for antiGravity, aerial yoga, and even barre classes. Yesssss…my fellow warriors, this is your chance to fly!

With warm welcomes and excellent customer service, I had the opportunity to take an antiGravity decompression class, and my experience was nothing short of AMAZING! I’ve taken other aerial classes around the area, but SoulFLYTE, is hands down, one of the top studios outside of Manhattan. It’s got that down to earth, bohemian vibe with decor that instantly soothes the mind and a schedule packed with a variety of classes; easily becoming your next fitness obsession.

I took a Wednesday morning class with Laurie and if I had closed my eyes the entire time, I could have gone through the motions with her precise instructions. Her on-point teaching style helped ease me through each of the sequences and positions without a glitch. Although with some practice and time, I’m sure I’d be able to slip through the movements more eloquently, but from the start, I felt comfortable, relaxed and by the end of the class, invigorated!


The 75-minute session was a mixture of traditional floor yoga poses intertwined into the silk hammocks, along with a short meditation at the end. From downward dog to handstands and spider poses, each pose is performed either inside the hammock, which supports the weight of your body 100%, or performed on the floor while hanging onto the hammock. What i loved most about this class, was the gradual building of the upside down positions. For someone like me, who sometimes suffers from motion sickness, I didn’t experience any. I went with the flow of the instructed movements, giving my body the incredible deep stretch and relaxation it so deserved and like Laurie said, I got to see the world upside down!

So are YOU ready to fly with some SOUL? Be sure to snag this sweet deal for new students! 30 days of unlimited classes for only $68. (Normally, it’s $157)

PLUS, they’ve got a pretty awesome KIDS summer camp from August 5th - 9th that is definitely worth checking out for the little ones! Click for details here.

Log onto www.soulflyte.com to book your next class!

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