Words cannot express how happy I am that my weight loss story has just been featured in Women’s Health Magazine.
I am beyond grateful to my cousin Natalie J. Maniscalco who submitted my story and who has an amazing program called Wellness Warrior. I also can’t thank my trainer enough, Hila Bezalel Dery, for pushing me, understanding my limits, keeping me sane, & always reminding me of my why, not just physically but mentally. This journey has been one for the books. I have learned SO much about myself, especially these past few months far after I lost the weight. Physically, it’s always a battle but I am so proud that I have kept the weight off despite my ups and downs. Never be afraid to take that first step to change your life, physically or mentally. YOU deserve all the happiness in the world. #50lbsdown #stillgoingstrong #rememberyourwhy #youareworthit

Read full article here: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/a21561908/hip-dysplasia-pain-weight-loss/?fbclid=IwAR1bXMK-n2RCPdCj-IJyDxTWUNytNBMkay0fZO2blCYakuZW7uVfdcAUcqw
— Alanna Maniscalco
The Wellness Warrior Program was exactly what I needed to kick up my workout routine. The accountability reports, coaching group calls, and Facebook support was very motivating and inspiring. I had been thinking for several months about some goals I wanted to attain. When the program was offered I thought it was a great opportunity to go for it. The process begins with committing and saying yes to yourself. Having a group of women to cheer you on and support you on the journey, makes it much more enjoyable and fun.

As a result of this program, I attained some fitness goals and feel much better about myself. Implementing the workouts in the comfort of my own home and having a program tailored to my lifestyle has truly helped me live a healthier lifestyle. It has helped me find the answers and create a plan for the next stage in my life. I’m excited about the continued support and journey, making simple yet powerful lifestyle changes for lifelong health and wellness.
— Paulina Lopez, Wellness Warrior 2017 - Business coach, consultant and strategist, co-founder of The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs)

After about only a month in the Wellness Warrior program, I was able to dance over 100 hours over two consecutive weekends at the age of 66 with lots of energy and no injuries! That was my initial goal and with the help of our WW coach Natalie, I succeeded! I felt strong, focused and inspired. I continued using the program to stay on track with accountabilty sheets, weekly coaching and lots of tips and tricks along the way. I watched Natalie coach each participant as we faced challenges in our eating, moving and recovery time. Any level of fitness level will find a home in the Wellness Warrior program.
— Christine Sotmary, Wellness Warrior 2017
I have struggled with negative body image for years now and between that and chronic depression, I fell off my fitness regime. For the first time, I started gaining massive amounts of weight and noticed that my nutrition was an even bigger problem than my inactivity! Not only was I overeating AND emotional eating, but I was eating foods high in sugar and carbs.

Our coach and the Wellness Warrior program really put me back on track. While I have not reached my overall fitness and nutritional goals, I am finally on the right path thanks to the guidance, tools, and accountability that my fellow Warriors provided. I am now more mindful of what I put into my body and am developing healthier habits on the daily! Seeing the initial result and losing weight, feeling more energized and just overall healthier, is giving me the motivation to continue to put everything I’ve learned into action.

I highly recommend this program to women at any fitness/health level who want to start (or continue) their wellness journey and ultimately become the best version of themselves that they can be!
— Karina Garden, Wellness Warrior 2017