Warrior Woman Nicole Meyers Takes on Kitchen Confidence For The Busy Mom

"Meal Planning Expert"  Business Owner, Food personality and Cookbook Author Nicole Meyers not only teaches busy moms and fellow foodies how to meal plan but she also hosts a slew of popular workshops for Corporate Wellness Menu Planning!

What inspired you to create Nibbles By Nic? 

NIC: Witnessing the stresses that surround crazy-busy people having to prepare *21* meals a week can be daunting, overwhelming and super challenging. My goal is to create platforms, tips and tricks that provide the utmost kitchen confidence for working women with overwhelming schedules.

What are the advantages of meal prepping? 

NIC: It provides tools that takes the stress out of everyday meal planning & entertaining which is crucial for busy women! 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to dive into meal prepping for the first time? 

NIC: Don't put too much pressure on yourself!  Start slowly and find a platform that works for you.  Whether it's a menu planning board, app or gathering magazine clippings of recipes you or your family want to try.  

What is your favorite go-to meal? 

NIC: I adore an all-in-one pan meal that is simple and can be prepped ahead of time! Few ingredients is a non-negotiation.

What's your workout routine?

NIC: I try and do something active most mornings. Whether it is a weight class, running, tennis, pilates or just walking my 100 pound bernadoodle up the hills in my neighborhood.

How do you maintain a work-life balance? 

NIC: Lots of lists!  When there is something I need to do, I write it down in the "notes" of my phone so I don't forget.  Woman wear way too many hats, and multi-task to the "umph" degree constantly.  Being efficient with our time and carving out just a few hours a day to focus on 1-2 work tasks is a must for success and accomplishment.

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