How Warrior Woman Candy Calderon is Leading the Way for Latinas Living Their Healthiest Life

Holistic health and wellness coach Candy Calderon is on a mission to help other Latinas live a healthier and vibrant life! We caught up with Candy to find out how she transformed her career to follow her passion for wellness after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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What motivated you to become a holistic nutrition coach?

Candy: Everything started with my mom’s Cancer diagnosis. I have loved health & wellness all my life, but I really also love business. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business + Master’s Degree in Business which allowed me to travel the world for several years with different international corporations developing their business but always felt in my heart that health & wellness were my true calling.

My grandfather had passed away a few years before my mom was diagnosed, but after my mom’s breast cancer I knew I had to do something; she was, and still is my biggest inspiration and drive in life. I took it upon myself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally (without negating traditional medicine of course). After her miraculous recovery, everybody started asking me to share my story —which I did and soon discovered that helping others to learn about prevention, and how to lead healthier lives fulfilled me in a way I have never experienced before.

I then, decided to go back to school to get certified as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and my Health & Wellness career began!

What inspired you to create the Glow Wellness Tour? What can attendees expect?

Candy: After attending HUNDREDS of wellness events that left me empty, like I couldn't relate, unrealistic and not at all speaking to the health & wellness challenges we face as women of color, some of us immigrants, and what's considered "minorities", I decided to help change the narrative. And that’s how the event was conceived!

A wellness event that caters to us, to our challenges and to our cultura... A wellness fiesta like no other focused on women like us (Latinas + Women Of Color & any other woman that identify with our culture, reality and specific needs!). 

I wanted to create a platform where we would feel safe to interact to get in touch with our raices, our inner brujas, talk about mental health (very taboo in our society!), drink green smoothies and wellness potions like our abuelas used to make, and a few glasses of wine (or tequila!) in the process because it’s all about BALANCE.

I conceived it as a tour because I knew I wanted to take it on the road and touch as many women as possible. The kick off was in New York this past Nov. 3rd. which sold out in less than 2 weeks! Philly and Miami in the spring, and adding more cities as we grow. My plan is to take the tour to each city within the U.S. where we have great Latina population, so we help and empower as many women as possible!

What is your go-to healthy Latin meal?

Candy: I "healthy-fied" a very traditional Dominican recipe called Moro de Habichuelas (Rice & Beans), because I love it; it's one of my favs! I swapped the rice with quinoa to make it more wholesome, and healthy. You can find my Quinoa Moro recipe here!

What advice would you give to other women who want to change bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle?

That our health & wellness journey is not linear, and one size does not fit all! In health there’s something called biodiversity, which means that we’re not created equal, and thus, what can help me thrive (a plant-based diet, or going to the opposite- a paleo diet for example) may not be good for you. So we have to be really careful, specially in the time of Google where we can “find” a cure to everything and anything at the tip of our fingers!

Go step by step, and build up healthy habits from the ground up so you don't get overwhelmed and learn to listen to your body!

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What's your favorite kind of workout?

Candy: Yoga is my go-to 100%, I also love low impact weight lifting to create definition instead of building tons of muscle, and a little cardio here and there :)

Where can people find you online and where is the next Glow Wellness event?

My web page is where they can find everything compiled in one place.

But from social media, Instagram is my absolute favorite and where I’m more active and have the most fun. You can find me at @candycalderon_

Next Glow Wellness Tour is in New York, October 26th and they can get tickets right NOW at our website